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At Reed Electric, we focus on service for commercial and industrial facilities.  Since we are not pursuing large construction jobs, we are able to take the time to get familiar with your facility and provide you with the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

For a complete list of services we provide, click here.  If you have a question about the services we provide or need a service that isn't listed, call our office at (813) 501-5610

Commercial/ Industrial

We have experience with all types of commercial and industrial power and low voltage installations.  We can help you with everything from installing power for a new piece of equipment to installing power distribution for new panels.  We can also install motor and process controls, and lighting.  Call us to see how we can help you!


Thermal Imaging

The damage to the conductors in these photos (left and right) was caused by poor connections.  This kind of problem is hard to find in a visual inspection until the damage has already happened.  A regular thermal imaging inspection would have found these problems.

Thermal imaging scans of panels and electrical equipment can find invisible problems before they become power outages or dangerous situations.

We offer thermal imaging inspections as a service, but also use the cameras for everyday troubleshooting which saves time, and helps to diagnose problems more accurately.

The breakers on the left seem OK in a visual inspection, but with the thermal scan (right), it's obvious that there is a problem.